Give a new name to Accounting Service

Ticket to log time: SE-4218 SE-4643

I just started to work on the first ticket about revamping the accounting service. As part of the ticket we have the opportunity to come up with a new name (or not?) for it.

To participate in the brainstorming put your naming proposal in this spreadsheet and vote on any of the existing proposals.

If you would like to vote, increase the counter next to the proposal. Please vote only ONCE. We will have a poll with the “top 5 best” naming proposal.

Although I would like to invite everyone to the brainstorming, to be able to finish the ticket in realistic time, we need some deadlines.

The deadline for proposing new names: 2021-03-25 23:59 UTC
The deadline for voting on the poll (starting on 2021-03-26): 2021-04-01 23:59 UTC

Let’s vote!

FTR: This could be moved to public discussion in a new category later.

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And the names should be one-word. From Xavier’s document:

Have a nice, short one-word name which isn’t an abbreviation :)

Also, this is more of a product & user interaction topic, so this is something I’d rather let @Ali and @cassie manage. It would make sense to let them become familiar with the application first, and handle this as part of putting together the marketing site, and the communication on the application. In any case, I would discuss this as part of the scope of the discoveries and agree on an approach to determine the name, before starting a forum thread and a poll.

Threads like this can still be public from the start - there is a “Discussions - Public” category.

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I added it to the scope of the UX discovery.

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@daniel Based on Xavier’s reply, I’d say that the collected names would be good for input but voting shouldn’t happen as it would have no effect (yet). What do you think?

It’s too early to vote. The UX discovery should happen first, to know what type of software we want; then the names can be proposed based on that.


Hi @team,

We’ve started work on the Billing app! :slight_smile:

The “public” app will initially concentrate on converting timelogs into invoices, and paying remote teams. To get a better idea of what we may offer (if we get public buy-in) check out the landing page’s copy.

Now we need you to flex your creative muscles! Please add some name ideas to this thread before Tuesday (31 August), or let me know which names appeal to you. Once we have all your ideas, I’ll add the names to a Typeform so we can have a vote!

Any time spent on this, can be logged at:

Names we have so far:

  • Bean Census
  • Notes of Note
  • Moolah Lah
  • Luca (limited domains available)
  • Invoicer
  • Team payer
  • Our money

New names:

  • Timeiva
  • Invocio
  • TimeCraft
  • InvioCraft
  • Pay team
  • Payio
  • Contracto Pay
  • Tempo Pay
  • Auto invoice
  • Hours to Invoice
  • Task Pay
  • PayMe
  • Tempo Invoice
  • Trackivo
  • Trackiva


  • WorkLogMoney

Since the forum response time is up to 2 weeks, not everybody will have time to participate. Maybe make it 2 weeks from now?

If we let a long time pass from the decision to the domain registration, someone else could register it (this thread is public). So maybe the final votes should be private.

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I like TimeCraft.



Noted! Thanks for letting me know about the 2 weeks. So I’ll wait till the end of August until I gather all the suggestions.

Would a Typeform be private enough for voting? Or do you have another suggestion. We’re using Typeform to vote on the Sprints app name too.

I don’t know whether Typeform survey can be limited to OpenCraft users.
If it isn’t, then anyone on the Internet could participate (this may be good. Anyone can participate in this forum thread too).

You could use a separate forum thread, private, for information that shouldn’t be shared yet, like the link to the form, or the chosen name. You can later change the thread’s visibility to public, after you have bought the domain.

Anyway, I hope there be just a low chance of domain squatters watching our forum.

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Hey @cassie,

These are my three favourites. I took a look on namecheap for some URL options too.

Looking forward to seeing which name we go ahead with :slight_smile:

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+1 for Luca :+1:

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@gabriel and @Ali Really appreciate the feedback!

@team If you have the time, please add let me know if you have any name ideas, and better yet, tell me which names appeal to you from the lists above.

So far the most popular names seem to be:

  • Luca
  • TimeCraft

Thank you :slight_smile:

I also like Luca.


I like Luca, but is there a theme behind the name or is it something that got stuck. I am watching VIkings a lot and something from Norse Mythology stuck with me so I would like to suggest Vanir. :slight_smile:

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@farhaan Out of interest… the father of modern accounting is Luca Pacioli, who in 1494 first described the system of double-entry bookkeeping used by Venetian merchants in his Summa de Arithmetica, Geometria, Proportioni et Proportionalita

That’s the idea behind the name.

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Thank you to everyone who has participated in the naming of the billing app :grin:

I know I mentioned we’d vote on the name, BUT it looks like “Luca” is the clear winner from the feedback. So a vote doesn’t seem necessary.

But, if anyone is totally against the name, or thinks we should have a vote, please let me know. We need to have a couple of popular names for a vote to work though.