Guide to Strategic Client Management - Request for feedback

Working with the bizdev team, we’ve completed the Guide to Strategic Client Management that you can find here.
I’ve talked with several of you in Lisbon about this effort to help client owners and anyone to strengthen their relationships with clients by focusing on the things most important to them… The intent is to apply concepts and best practices from the business world that can help developers grow their current projects and uncover additional ones. This is not a training itself but will be the basis for an interactive workshop we’ll deliver in the very near future.
Take a look at the document and give us your thoughts. And let us know your interest in participating in one, or probably two workshops that provide a chance to apply the concepts with your own clients.

Ticket to log time spent reviewing


@DouglasDraper Thanks for posting this! :+1: To make sure more people would see it and comment, I have made your post its own thread – it will also be easier to comment this way. I’ve also used the opportunity to move it to a public thread, and made the document public, as I think those conversations don’t need to be private? Let me know if that’s not the case.

@antoviaque Thanks for your help on getting the word out! What I will post in a few minutes is a notice on Forum - Latest Announcement - Public. And yes, we’ve written everything so nothing needs to be private, including the content or conversations.

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@DouglasDraper could you please create a ticket, so people can log the time spent reviewing/reading the guide, and post the ticket number here? Thanks :slight_smile:

@DouglasDraper Thanks, this is very interesting and helpful!

Can we get a private thread to respond to this? I have some ideas to share about specific clients.

@gabriel I think we can log time on BIZ-2124.

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Good point – time spent reviewing/commenting on the doc can be logged at Log in - OpenCraft.