Handing over Bebop's Sprint Manager role

Hi @bebop,

I would like to hand over Sprint Manager role to someone else.

Would anyone be interested in taking this role?


@maxim Did you get any candidate?

@bebop Could you consider taking @maxim 's sprint manager role? It’s not an easy one, but it’s an important one to keep the cell working well, and there is plenty of opportunities to learn. It’s also recurring work that only need to be found and picked up once.

No. I checked the role statistics spreadsheet to see who might have the room.

I’ve asked @Cef during one of the regular meetings, and he has politely declined.

@navin @artur @pooja Would you please consider taking this role?

@maxim Sure I don’t mind taking it if no one else wants to.


@pooja Thank you! I’ll prepare the handbook MR and complete the necessary steps this sprint, so that you become the new sprint manager for Bebop starting next sprint.