Help Needed — Recording Open edX how-to video tutorials

Hi all,

The Marketing Community Working Group (MWG) has been working on a project to write scripts and record Open edX How-To videos for instructors. Most scripts are now ready, and the next step will be to record the videos. I wrote a few scripts, and was chosen as a participant to record 5 how-to videos.

The MWG debated for months on how exactly the videos should be produced. Some members were in favor of making the videos from home (I was in the “do-it-from-home” camp), and others were in favor of producing the videos in a more professional setting – which is made possible thanks to an offer by Open edX providers IBL, who offered their studio and services to record the videos.

Following a group vote, it was determined that we would opt for the professional route, with IBL’s contribution. Therefore, IBL will be in Boston a few days ahead of the 2023 Conference with professional, mobile studio equipment to record the videos with the participants. The recordings are scheduled for Sat March 25, Sun Mar 26, and Mon Mar 27.

The issue here is that I’m not available at those dates :exclamation: I will not be attending the conference in Boston this year (because of the budget), and I’ve made other travel arrangements as a consequence. The MWG is therefore looking for someone else to go to Boston and record the videos, and have asked me to ask around if anyone’s interested. The time spent doing this would count towards contribution hours, so logically it would have to be a Core Contributor.

tCRIL will be covering the cost of the participants’ accommodation and meals during the recording period (3 days), but not flights (the idea is that participants were flying to Boston anyway). Aside from @Fox and @jill, we don’t know yet who will be going to Boston, so this is a bit tricky. Anyway, is anyone up for it? :slight_smile:

ticket to log time


I’m game :smiley:

Agh! I see those dates are not the same as the ones I’ve already picked for my flights. :/ I’ll not be in Boston at that time.

@Fox just in case – if you were interested in flying 2-3 days earlier, I’d feel comfortable asking Eden if tCRIL can cover the cost of changing your flight dates.

I might be-- but I’d like to see if someone else can first. Turns out that when checking the calendar, I have a planned social event back home I’d like to go to if I can.

I’m sorry, but I must politely decline.

No worries!

I forgot to mention it, but ideally we’d communicate our decision/availability to Eden by the end of this week. @Fox, can you let me know if you’re available (since no one else volunteered)? If not, I’ll tell Eden that we’ll have to skip.

If we’ve promised to do this, then yes, I’ll do it. I will need to change my flights, though!

@Fox we never promised to do this, at least not without knowing all the details (which were decided recently). The initial plan (well, at some point) was to have us flown to NYC and record there, and dates were unknown for the longest time. In any case, I don’t want you to feel stuck, and “no” is a totally acceptable answer. Sorry if I didn’t make that obvious before. If you’re still willing to do it, then cool!

OK-- In this case I’d like to decline, then. Thanks!

I’m glad I clarified the situation, then :slight_smile:

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