How can we improve MFEs?

Hi folks! Long time no see!

I started a thread in the Open edX forum on which I’d love your input. TLDR: tCRIL wants to improve MFEs, but need help choosing what to focus on.

My original intent was to get on a call with right people from OpenCraft - as I’ll have to do with other community members that don’t frequent the forum - but then I remembered I could just ask here myself! Call’s still on the table if some of you want it, though. Just name the time. I’ll otherwise just lurk here (and there) for answers. :wink:

Hope y’all are doing well, and thanks!


@arbrandes Thanks for posting about this - it sounds useful, it would indeed make sense to do a census here. I’ll add a task to this thread to allow team members to spend time answering it – and if any team member wants to organize something more, don’t hesitate to put tasks on this in the backlog, for example as core contributor work.

[ Ticket to log time answering the current & linked threads ]

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