How to change timezone for LMS and Studio?

What is the proper way to change the timezone for LMS and Studio?

I have set up a sandbox instance - to change the timezone from UTC to Asia/Riyadh.

EDXAPP_TIME_ZONE doesn’t change TIME_ZONE settings from Juniper, I had to change it manually for studio and LMS by changing it from envs/ directly.


Even though TIME_ZONE has been set, dates from the input fields and all other dates are shown in UTC.


Though TIME_ZONE has been changed to Riyadh timezone, it shows the time based on browser local timezone by default. I had to change the Timezone from user preference to view it on Riyadh timezone.

Have anyone worked on changing timezone for any instance? It would be great if you could give me some pointers to how to approach this task :slight_smile:

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