How we choose, communicate with, and track our customers

Happy to be collaborating with Fox, Gabriel and Xavier over the last couple of weeks on

  • Separating the good leads from the not so good
  • How we communicate with them
  • Getting the most out of our new CRM called
  • Updating our description of OpenCraft’s customer lifecycle
    Check out this 2-minute update below and tell me what you think!

Sounds interesting @DouglasDraper, but the link isn’t working right now - it just goes to the Google Drive homepage.

Thanks Braden for letting me know, let me figure this out and re-attach.

@DouglasDraper I believe the thread you wanted to post on is this one:

Thanks Fox. I tried again and hope the post is in the right thread. Also, hopefully shared the video properly this time as well. Let me know if you ever see it!