I need a backup for the Admin Specialist (billing) role

Hi team,

I’ve started to document my Admin Specialist (billing) role, and as part of this epic I’m looking for someone who would be willing to act as my backup when I go on vacation. Up until now, Xavier has been the backup person, but he doesn’t have the capacity to take the full role if I were to take, say, a few weeks off. I plan on taking a 6-8 week vacation sometime in the future, which is roughly 2 billing cycles.

Is someone interested? I estimate the effort at 10-15h per week on average, which leaves plenty of room for regular development tasks if you like. This role means you’ll have access to company financials, so this has to go to a core team member, and we’d like the person to be the backup on the long term, as much as possible.

What does the role entail? Well, I have yet to document the whole thing properly, but in a nutshell the role is about managing the invoices that we send to our clients, and managing the invoices that we have to pay. The role also includes a few steps in newcomer onboarding.

Here are some documents that you can look over:

This might look intimidating, but it gets easy with a few rounds of practice. It’s just you and the numbers! I really like it. Don’t hesitate if you have any questions :) I hope someone is interested!

ticket to log time


@gabriel I’m interested :slight_smile: I would love the opportunity to get to know another area of the work that goes into keeping OpenCraft running.

How soon would the onboarding for the backup need to start? I will continue to have my hands full with Campus for another couple months, but once the current phase of the project is over I should be able to free up time for new projects and roles.


@tikr that’s great news, thank you :) there’s no rush for the onboarding phase — first I need to document the processes, which will take me until early/mid September. After that we can look at starting the onboarding, at whatever pace feels comfortable for you. Would that work for you?

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@gabriel Yes, that sounds perfect! :confetti_ball:

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Great, thanks for confirming @tikr. I’ll go through the documentation epic over the next few weeks, and will let you know once we’re ready to start the onboarding!

cc. @antoviaque