Incoming DEPR alert: PDF certificates are going away

I’m not sure if any of our customers use PDF certificates, but edX is looking to do away with them in favor of Web certificates. See this discussion.

Do we have any objections, collectively? If so, we should get in that thread and raise our hands. :slight_smile:

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I actually thought they had already been removed :p

Web certs are much easier to work with.


No objections from me… AFAIK, we don’t have PDF certificates enabled for any of our clients, and the docs we use to enable certificates make no mention of them either.

Plus, code removal makes me happy :grin:

There’s also an additional bit of information that might help with the upstream discussion:

One of our clients has a plugin that generates PDF certificates from the WebView and allow learners to download them. If we can extract this functionality into a non-client-specific repo, we can open source it and benefit others in the community. CC @josh/@paulo as client owners.

I’m sure at least Pierre (“sambapete” in the Open edX forums) will love it if we can contribute this.

We also have opencraft / client / Autodesk / pdf-certificates-app · GitLab which is already open source :slight_smile:

Depending on how much overlap there is between this Django Plugin App and the plugin that @giovannicimolin mentioned above, it might make sense to merge the code bases instead of open sourcing the latter plugin separately.