Individual Loom accounts deactivated - Use the shared one

I’ve just noticed that we have created a bunch of extra Loom accounts besides the shared one - and have been paying high bills for a tool we barely use, with just some of us using it as a video player for our async sprint updates. The bill renewing tomorrow, I’ve deactivated the individual accounts - hopefully that didn’t won’t change much or remove anyone’s video, I think most of us have already been using the shared account. If you were using an individual account, you can still upload your videos via the shared account, or simply used OBS + Google Drive.

Apologies, I thought the account was free and that it was using the shared account space.

Likewise, I did not intend to use it, and did not know there were extra charges for it.

It is new to me that we had individual accounts as well. Where can we check if one has an individual account? Should it be simply listed here?

@navin @kshitij No worries at all! I think it’s just something that wasn’t clear - with most services we do have individual accounts.

@gabor Yes, exactly. Now it’s only showing the account, as I’ve deactivated the other ones.

Thanks for clarifying how we should use this tool :sweat_smile: I think I created my account “by accident” after getting logged out from the shared account at some point – coming back to record and upload an end-of-sprint video, I didn’t remember that we had a shared account and simply tried to sign in using my OpenCraft e-mail address. Loom didn’t complain, and apparently felt authorized to make a new account for me :moneybag:

@tikr Oh, that could explain how this happened, and creeped up progressively, when people tried to login/register on their own it does look like Loom by default adds everyone as a paid seat! I think I’ve found where to deactivate this behavior, but that’s pretty awful practice, it almost makes me want to cancel the account altogether.

I remember having the same experience Tim had. At some point I instinctively used a Google login, couldn’t find the videos we were sharing in the main account, and then logged out, eventually opting to use OBS instead where I had better control of the files. Didn’t realize I was adding to the bill. :confused:

Yes I’m pretty sure the same thing happened to me.

Same here I think, I had no intention to use it but probably logged in to access a video or something.