Junior developer tasks - new assignee needed

Ticket to log time: SE-5298.

Hi, we’ll need someone to take the SE-5117: Junior developer tasks and contributions epic.

There’s no expected work in the next sprints because we don’t have anybody in the junior developer role right now.

After that, you’ll need to create tasks based on what core contributors delegate, and if there aren’t, look for tasks in community boards. There are some examples in the epic.

It’s mostly about coordinating, finding tasks, budgets, approving tasks and estimates, and scheduling them on time, to keep the junior developer busy.
It would be best done by someone close to core contributors and to edX community groups, but it’s not required - by taking this role you’ll do a bit of both.

I’ll start by pinging @serenity core team members to see who can take it. Other cells can too.

@serenity @bebop Sorry for so many pings. Is anyone interested in taking this role?

If anybody can’t, I’d suggest leaving this role unassigned, until we find the next junior developer. Then, when the newcomer gets accepted as junior, the newcomer’s mentor would receive this epic.

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