Lilac upgrade epic owner wanted

Hi @team,

Open edX Lilac has been released long time ago, but we still didn’t start upgrading our clients instances. If I’m not mistaken, we were round-robining epic ownership through cells for the past three upgrades, so, in theory, it should have been taken by Falcon cell.

But, neither Falcon, nor Serenity can’t take this epic due to sustainability / capacity limitations.

I’m creating this forum thread to continue existing discussions in a separate thread:

Yes, @antoviaque, I can do this, but I will be off during current sprint, so can take care of this only in the sprint 253.

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@demid +1, we need to solve this now. As discussed, maintenance upgrades are due to the clients <1 month after the release, so sustainability can’t be a reason to refuse performing the upgrade or delay it - the cell whose rotation it is should either do it now, or if there is an availability issue to find another cell to cover.

Also, work on coordinating the maple upgrade should also have started, and include contributing to the release itself. Which cell is meant to handle maple?

Falcon is supposed to handle the Lilac upgrade and Serenity is supposed to handle the Maple upgrade. Since Falcon is having availability issues atm, I am not certain if and how they will be able to do the Lilac upgrade work.

So is Serenity, by the way. With Sid leaving, we’re having to scramble to find assignees for his epics, and it’s not exactly smooth sailing.

Which is to say, it’s not just low sustainability we’re having to deal with. In any case, @tikr, do you mind weighing in, here? Looks like at the very least we’ll have to start planning for the Maple upgrade.

@adolfo Just a quick update to say that I’m aware of this discussion, and that I’m planning to reply once I’ve done my epic planning pass for this sprint. (Due to some client deadlines I have that scheduled for later this week.)

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@jill, comments/thoughts on this as Falcon’s epic planning manager? Lilac has been out for a while now and we are already late in preparing for it :frowning:

I’m so sorry I dropped the ball here… We just got done rearranging all our responsibilities to deal with reduced staff in Falcon, and since the epic itself wasn’t created until recently (and I didn’t realise we were going to pass the upgrade epics around between the cells), I didn’t plan for this at all.

Am feeling like a juggler who’s just been thrown another chainsaw that she has to keep in the air!

The only way Falcon can take this now is if we pause work on the accelerated epics that we’ve taken on, e.g.:

I know that everyone’s been looking forward to the dev work provided by these epics, but would any of you be willing to pause this work to take over the Lilac upgrade? Note that most of the actual instance upgrade work can be delegated to the client owners, but you would be responsible for de-risking and planning the upgrade pathway itself.

Sure that works for FAL-2144; everything is still in planning stage for that. It would be nice to finish the discoveries/planning for the next stage first, but then it can be put on ice again.

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Ok cool, thank you @swalladge !

When will you be done with the discoveries here? Can we schedule a discovery for Lilac for next sprint?

Yep that should be fine. :+1:

Excellent, thank you @swalladge !

I’ve assigned you to the FAL-2160 epic and moved to Accepted. Will also start asking on that ticket to find an epic reviewer.

Do you need any help creating the initial discovery task to start planning this upgrade, or can you work out what needs to be done from the previous FAL-2160 Koa upgrade epic? Let me know if you need any help here, I’ve done upgrades before and can pitch in.

@jill, thank you for taking care of this and @swalladge, thank you for taking on the ownership of the Lilac upgrade epic. It will be nice to have the current Koa upgrade epic owner, @demid, as the epic reviewer. Please don’t hesitate to get a second reviewer, if you think that will be needed. It might be useful to have the 2nd reviewer from Serenity, as that will have people from all the cells involved.

Thanks! I have followed the last couple of upgrade epics, so I’ll give it a shot with koa upgrade for reference. I’ll definitely ping you or @demid if I can’t figure things out. :slight_smile:

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