Lilac's out!

(I figure this is worth an announcement, as it is “important information useful to many at OpenCraft”.)

The BTR group has put out Lilac! On time and with release notes, no less! :partying_face:

This is the first release we, OpenCraft, officially chair (yes, we - without @antoviaque and the team’s backing this wouldn’t have been possible), but the “we” doesn’t stop there. I’m particularly proud of the way We the Open edX Community came together to get things working, regardless of how big or small the contributions.

This is no small thing. Just a couple of years ago I would’ve never imagined this level of (successful!) cooperation between edX and the individuals and organizations that use Open edX. I believe this is in part thanks to Xavier’s prodding over the years, and in part due to an apparent change in thinking internally at edX. But it would’ve been all for nothing if the community hadn’t pulled together and produced something useful like this release - even while technically competing with each other.

As for our direct part in it, thank you all for pulling through, even though some of it was quite last minute. To pick out just a couple of examples, Mongo 4.0 support in edx/configuration is there thanks to @mtyaka, and if @jill hadn’t used her time as core committer to review and merge RacoonGang’s work on the ecommerce MFEs, they wouldn’t have made the cut. The release notes (will) point to @kshitij’s discovery on MFE theming as the official write-up of what you can (and can’t) do on Lilac. Not to mention @giovannicimolin’s delivery of LTI 1.3 consumer support, which is headlining the list of new Lilac features.

That’s it! I don’t know about you, but I’ll be breaking one open tonight! Cheers, and thanks!


Great job @adolfo and everyone else who was involved!


This is great! Thanks for sharing, @adolfo, you put together a really nice write-up :slight_smile:


Kudos yes – this is a great achievement, and I agree that it’s really heart-warming to see the community come together this way, and pull their efforts and time to make something happen. Huge kudos to you in particular @adolfo – the way you stirred and herded this effort is no small contributor… :+1:


Great job leading this @adolfo, and very nice, writeup! Congrats and thanks to everyone who was involved - in the release and in the platform features that are now included!


@adolfo, kudos and congrats on all the work you, the rest of the community team, and edX did to make this possible! :tada: :champagne:

Lilac takes a lot of steps towards using more MFEs and that is a welcome thing imho. However, this means that the old stuff will be deprecated/removed regularly. This time it was the backend-managed ecommerce payment flows which some of our clients use. The replacement ecommerce MFEs are not feature-complete in comparison to the removed functionality.

Fortunately, Adolfo has informed us that PRs to reinstate the removed code in Lilac are welcome before the Lilac.2 release is cut. So we will have to discuss this with the affected clients and try to secure some budget to do this work. CC @giovannicimolin, @farhaan

@demid, now that we are nearing the end of the Koa upgrades and hence the corresponding epic, can you create a new epic for Lilac so that we can figure out which cell will work on it? My guess is that it will be Falcon’s turn, since Serenity (before the split) managed the Juniper upgrade and Bebop managed the Koa upgrade. But let’s discuss here, if needed.

CC @tikr, @daniel, @raul, @jill as Serenity and Falcon’s epic planning and sustainability managers.