Live long and prosper!

So… This is a quick, retroactive announcement that I haven’t been working full-time with OpenCraft since this last Monday, the 31st of January. I don’t expect this will be a surprise to anyone, as my move to tCRIL was announced months ago, but the actual date I’d stop dedicating time here hadn’t been set in stone until pretty recently.

Anyway… I’ve always been pretty vocal about my opinions, so there’s nothing much I want to add here except to reiterate that these past two years have been a great learning experience. Thanks to each and every one of you for what you taught me!

Lastly, it’s not like I’ll disappear. Not only do I intend to keep a forum account here, but I’ll likely be interacting a lot with many of you. My job at tCRIL is (currently, at least) to help foment frontend development, so I’m but a ping away at #frontend-working-group. ;)

You can also reach me at, but if they ever come around to changing the :tea: :shrimp: domain (though now that thanks to @gabriel these emojis have already been adopted internally, I’m not hopeful :laughing:), there’s Feel free to do the LinkedIn thing too, if you feel like.

That’s it! I intended to title this “Thanks for all the fish”, but alas, @seamus_external already did it, so I had to go with the only alternative. Cheers!



It’s been great working with you again @adolfo , and best of luck shaping the new org! I’m so happy your voice will be among the many great people there.

I’m also glad this isn’t goodbye. Hope to see you at the conference, and will definitely keep in touch.


That was very cool to be working together @adolfo. I wish you the best for your mission to make frontend development better at tCRIL (:tea: :shrimp:) and I hope we will stay in touch. :slight_smile:

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It was a genuine pleasure to be working with you, @adolfo. And I’m thankful we’ll still have you around! Best of luck in your new adventure at tCRIL :v:

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It was a pleasure working with you @adolfo, even if for a short time.
Good luck in your journey there, and see you at the conference! :rocket:

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Best of luck for your time at tCRIL, @adolfo! It’s good to know that you’ll continue to be part of the Open edX community :rocket:

I always enjoyed watching your end-of-sprint videos, and meetings that we both attended in person – you’ve got a great sense of humor and I’ll miss that :stuck_out_tongue:

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