Looking for a reviewer for the Open edX Theme epic

Hey @bebop,

We need someone to take over the reviewer role on the STAR-2399: Develop a modern, visually attractive and polished AGPL-licensed Open edX Theme epic.

@cassie took the epic owner role from me since I moved to the DevOps cell, but we need a developer who can offer technical input and eventually coordinate the implementation of the theme to be a reviewer.

Is anyone interested?


Following the post by @mtyaka, we’re looking at partnering with Abstract Technology from a development perspective and want to engage with them soonest on a call. See the discussion here.

The call will likely centre around how they’ll be able to assist with development - so it will be ideal if the person that takes this role is up-to-date with what’s happening so we can put together a suitable development plan. I’m happy to walk you through where we are with the project if you’re interested in taking this on :slight_smile:

cc. @antoviaque @Ali


Since I’m already working on the other theming epic, I could do this.


That would be perfect! Thanks @kshitij

@kshitij Thanks so much!

Would you be available to chat to the team at Abstract Technology next week? They’ve proposed two dates here.

I can get you up to speed before. Basically we’re ready to start a portion of the development. So we need to discuss this too. Let me get some info together for you so you know where we’re at, and let’s discuss possible dev timelines. I’d like to have our ducks basically in a row before we chat to Abstract Technology. If I need to push the call out so you have more time to get up to speed, I can do that.

@kshitij I’ve put together a really short video outlining where we’re at design wise on the Open edX theme. It’ll just give you a bit of background ahead of our call on Monday :slight_smile: