Looking for tickets for Sprint 257


TLDR: I’m looking for tasks to do during this sprint. I have around 27-29 hours available.

Yesterday evening two tickets I was assigned to were pushed back:
BB-4974 - is on hold until the discussions about implementations and budget are resolved.
BB-5021 - pushed back, as it wasn’t ready for this sprint.

It happened quite late, and I didn’t anticipate it, so by the time it happened most of the tickets for this sprint were already assigned to someone. That freed up 29 hours for me for this sprint.

If anyone has tickets I can work on, please let me know.

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@maxim You can unblock a few more (2-3) hours for BB-4842.

@kshitij I will do that.

@maxim Besides the additional time @kshitij mentioned, have you been able to fill the rest of your sprint? @shimulch could you comment about this, as his mentor?

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@antoviaque Yes. I was actually going to close the topic tonight. (I’m going to keep it open until tomorrow to let @shimulch reply).

@giovannicimolin Allowed me to work ahead on BB-5021, and @kshitij added me as a reviewer on BB-4968. Also there is some work to be done on the tickets from the last sprint based on the external reviewers’ feedback.
Summing those things up, and considering that 29 hours was an overestimation, I believe, I have enough work for the rest of the sprint.


@antoviaque yes, I discussed it in our last mentoring session. The issue was raised when some of his tasks are moved back right before the sprint ends, I was not available then as it was a very early morning for me.

Thanks to @giovannicimolin and @kshitij, @maxim now has enough work for the next week. As there will be new tasks available by next Thursday, if he needs more tasks he will be able to work ahead as well.


Closing this thread, since the issue has been resolved.