Looking for Volunteers - Usability Tests

Hi @team

We’re about to kick off the Workflow Manager project and are looking for volunteers to take part in the first round of usability testing. Would you help us out by volunteering?

Here are a few details about the usability tests:

  • Consists of a +/- 30 minute call with me (Ali) and/or @cassie
  • We’ll chat about your hopes and ideas for the Workflow Manager
  • We’ll ask you to complete a number of tasks using an existing tool (the goal is to determine how user-friendly the tool is, and whether any aspects should be replicated in the Workflow Manager)
  • The tests will take place between 23 - 26 March

@nizar has been kind enough to volunteer as the first test user. Would you add your name to the list? We’d love to get your feedback before the project starts so that we can make sure we build the best tool possible.

Thanks, and hope to meet you soon! :slightly_smiling_face:


@Ali As I may be involved in eventually selling people on this tool down the line, I would like to take part in testing it, too! :slight_smile:


Hi @Ali. I’d be interested in volunteering for the usability test. :)

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Great! Thanks @kahlil :grinning:

I’ll @ you in GitLab to arrange a time that suits you.

Oh cool! Thanks @Fox. :grinning: Looking forward to chatting!

I’ll @ you on GitLab to organise the details.

@Ali count me in - I’d be really interested in this too

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Awesome! Thanks @sid.

Please post your Calendly link in GitLab for me so I can book a slot that suits you. Here’s a link to the issue.

@team And with that, we have all our volunteers for the first round!

Thanks everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

P.s. There will be more rounds of usability testing as we progress through the project, so there’ll be other opportunities for the rest of you to lend your thoughts if you’d like to.