Marketing Brainstorm

How has the environment we face changed over the last 2 years, including trends in technology and business conditions? Given these changes, what kinds of organizations should we seek out and try to work with? How do we talk about the problems OpenCraft solves and how we do this better than competitors?
If you have a perspective on any of these questions, please join our marketing brainstorm. Provide your ideas either here on the Forum or in the Marketing Brainstorm document.
Our desired result should be an OpenCraft positioning statement that can help us update our marketing (website, etc.) and better communicate the full value of the work we do for clients.


If you’d like to contribute to the marketing brainstorm, let me know and I’ll provide a ticket number.

As part of the Marketing and Sales Collaboration project, we’ve been gathering ideas from the OpenCraft team about changes to the technical and business environment over that last 2 years as well as how OpenCraft can position itself for future success.
We’ve received some interesting insights from team member which you can review below.
We also invite your feedback and thoughts in this document.


Brainstorm Feedback Summary
This is the Brainstorm Feedback Summary you can read and comment on.