Marketing Working Group Meeting Notes

The topic for the next Open edX meetup, tomorrow, October 19th is Leveraging Generative AI to Enhance Learner Outcomes. You can register here for the meeting tomorrow at 10am Eastern Standard Time.

You can access complete notes (AI-generated) for the October 18th Open edX Marketing Working Group meeting here. You’ll be able to see screenshots of key moments, add highlights, comments, or action items and get an automatic summary after the meeting.

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@DouglasDraper These are great automated meeting notes! I wonder if it would make sense to use this for our meetings in general? That would allow to keep tabs async on different meetings more easily. The numerous meetings from the Open edX community might also benefit from it.

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@DouglasDraper What a great idea to use AI to generate meeting notes! I’m interested to take a look at them so I created an Otter account and requested access. Is this the correct process to follow?

@Xavier Antoviaque Yes, this tool streamlines the whole process of taking/distributing meeting notes. Angie Ruiz used it during yesterday’s MWG meeting.
Not perfect (for example, it doesn’t identify everyone speaking - I’m “speaker 5” in the meeting) but really useful. And you can link it to your google calendar.

It’s easy for individuals to download the app. I’m not sure about protocols for groups, or if they’re even necessary.

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@DouglasDraper Sounds great! I might try it on the next contributors meetup :) If anyone wants to give it a try on some of our meetings, happy to approve a budget for that.

@Ali I didn’t have to request access on my side - but that might be because I’m in the meeting invitees of the marketing working group.

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Open edX Marketing Working Group Meeting Notes - January 17, 2024
Several people are using the Otter AI notetaking app for this meeting but below are notes I considered more important than normal:

  • Looking for participants in weekly Open edX Conference planning meetings (Cassie already participating as main designer)
  • Call for Open edX Conference proposals closes TODAY (Jan 17). Approvals in 3 weeks
  • Open edX Conference BizDev workshop planning meeting this Friday (Jan 19) 10am Eastern. Current plan to include competitive data from 4 partners: Appsembler, Edly, with Edunext and OpenCraft both focused on open source providers - Fox Piacenti
  • Open edX meetup Thursday, January 25 · 4 - 5:30pm CET will include Open edX use cases, AI and Open edX, 27 Universities in Egypt Adopt Open edX and latest software release, Quince. Register for this free event in Eventbrite.
  • Improvements to the Open edX Marketplace (now under Getting Started) and new task reminder from leads provided via Experience Cloud Portal ( app) Fox Piacenti
  • Discussion of possible Open edX participation in LEAP - a Saudi tech conference March 4-7. I reviewed. Geographically interesting but seems too general for our purposes.
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@DouglasDraper It might be worth running this through John, since the middle east is his specialty, to figure out if we could find any lead there?

The next Open edX meetup will be on Thursday, March 28 and will cover 2 topics:

  • Mobile app e-learning options and a case study with RaccoonGang
  • Upcoming Open edX feature enhancements from Jenna at Axim

The link is below:


  1. Raccoon Gang will delve into a transformation of eLearning for the Arab community as they explore how KKUx achieved such a goal. Discover how advanced eLearning features, once limited to their web platform, have now been seamlessly integrated into their mobile application, opening up new avenues for student engagement and accessibility. Learn from the success story of KKUx’s mobile app, which garnered praise from both the institution and the Ministry of Education of Saudi Arabia.
  2. Jenna from Axim will provide an update on the next Open edX software release, Redwood, which is scheduled to be released in early June. Feature enhancements of Redwood will include the use of credentials, improvements to the analytics dashboard, sidebar navigation enhancements, and more.

@antoviaque Apologies for lack of response. I wasn’t getting pinged on forum posts. Yesterday, I think I fixed it with Fox’s help. I did finally speak with John about Middle East opportunities (as I know you did as well) but too late for LEAP) as well as our Conference session.

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