Moving the Sprint Checkin to Listaflow

Hello @team !

The Sprint Checkin form, which we previously hosted on Google Forms, is being moved over to Listaflow. While the larger sprint checklist still requires more features to be added to Listaflow to be viable, the checkin form is already viable, and so we’re moving it over now.

When completing this sprint, you will still use the Google Form. After that, however, Listaflow will keep track of the checkin form (and send reminders!) going forward.

Listaflow will help us by creating a new run/list each sprint, creating pretty graphs and keeping track of historical trends.

Note that you will need to run a password reset to log in, most likely. Logging in via Google may work but is currently fiddly since we haven’t set API to production yet (and we’re about to have to change the implementation anyway, as our current method of authenticating to Google is being deprecated)

Please let @Ali and me know what you think of the experience. :slight_smile:


@Ali @Fox Just wanted to say that so far Listaflow from UI and UX perspective feels like one of the best piece of software I’ve ever used. I really like how clean and intuitive the UI is, and the small QoL things, like the progress bar at the top when filling in the Checkin Form, are an eye candy.

One thing, which I’m not sure if it’s already in the backlog to be implemented, I would like to be added, is the ability to edit the form entry before the deadline.

Also, the API responses in the Lists view are slow. 3, 3.5 and 30 seconds for To do, Assigned to me and All tabs respectively.

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@maxim Thank you for the kind words about Listaflow! That’s a nice thing to hear on a Monday morning! We have a lot of UX/UI improvements planned, so hopefully the user experience just gets better and better :)

@Fox Correct me if I’m wrong, but if Maxim selects his completed Sprint Checkin from the Lists page and adjusts his entries, his changes will automatically be saved and his submission updated. I’m pretty sure that’s how it works. I just tried it out by updating my own entry and I see that my changes persist (if I navigate elsewhere and then come back to my updated checkin).

The UX is confusing though, because of the success message at the bottom; there is nothing to indicate to the user that their changes have been saved. @Fox Maybe you and I can discuss the options here; since we’ve decided not to use a save button, perhaps we could add a notification somewhere on the page that says, “Changes saved” (or something similar). I’ll think about this.

I will leave this up to @navin or @fox to respond to.

@maxim Thanks again for your feedback! It’s a really helpful way for me to identify issues in the UX.

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Possibly, or an indicator next to the individual item. Under the hood, each of the tasks has a state manager that’s handling the update and auto-save to the server, and it’s possible for this to be used as an indicator for ‘saving…’ and ‘saved’ symbols. Like a spinner then a checkmark, or something like that. It’d be easy to see that your changes are being saved that way, since your item’s already in the viewport and it’s clear what’s being updated specifically.

And yes, @maxim should be able to update historic checklists like this, and also any changes to the forms will autoupdate as you mentioned :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up-- this one’s a known issue. We’ve got it tracked here :slight_smile:

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