My trial period review


I have joined the company in January and my trial period just ended today and I am not becoming a core members in the team, I had a meeting scheduled with @antoviaque to review my trial period but only my mentor attended, I have a lot of feedback to say about my last 2 months but since @antoviaque didn’t attend I will share it here.

The work I have seen here is interesting and I can see a lot of interesting projects to work on and a lot of engineering challenges, the quality of code and architecture is high bar.
You contribute to a lot of open source projects, not only opencraft stuff which i find interesting too.

For me it was a horrible place to work for, you get paid hourly and you have to find tasks on your own to work for, whenever a new task is created it feels like throwing a piece of meat to a bunch of dogs where you have to assign yourself fast and fight for it in order to get paid.

Contract specifically states you will get 40 hours worth of tasks at least by opencraft and they are obligated to do so, but that does not seem to be the case, I am not sure how you think we should take work seriously even if you didn’t commit on what is stated in the contract, we all work to get living and pay bills if my work does not do that then I will not be taking this seriously.

Even when you get a task, it’s just part of a bug or missing documentation and a quick fix somewhere, only engineers who have been there for 3+ years get meaningful projects

Management don’t care at all I talked with the CTO about this and they did nothing and the CEO had a scheduled meeting after my trial period, he postponed it for a week and then he didn’t bother attending

Although many of team members are idle they are still hiring and I don’t know why

My mentor was a nice person but he was fairly new and he could not support much when I am blocked

Honestly It was a horrible experience and I hope no one have to go through this again.

You should care about your people and listen to them more, async culture does not mean 0 communication with the team and does not mean 0 empathy, it’s a small company after all you are not google/Facebook level yet, you should sit down with employees and listen to what is going on with them, it’s too early to just ignore everyone and have people in your company who you never meet with or talk to.

since no body really cared to listen to my feedback I won’t be listening to the replies here too

@karim_elghazouly I’m sorry it was so difficult for you to get tasks assigned during your trial. It is indeed a problem – not that we don’t have enough work, quite on the contrary, but we currently don’t have enough work that’s assignable to newcomers. We are trying to address it currently. @saksham, as the new recruitment manager, is now going to ask and check that the cells have enough work split out for newcomers before being able to get a newcomer assigned. I’m also hoping that having a single person supervising recruitments and the integration of newcomers will help with that – before the responsibility was more split.

As @braden said, we have multiple internal software projects, and a project with many contribution needs, so it should always be possible to find work for newcomers. But formulating and assigning that work takes time, and that work needs to be better organized/scheduled by cells, to ensure this doesn’t happen anymore.