Name collisions

Hi @team,
recently we had an expected name collision in Sprints when the second Daniel joined our team. To address it, we have deployed this fix, along with this change in the handbook. From now on, we should start using a new format for our vacation events. You can find the examples here. For most people, the change is related only to adding a colon after your first name to calendar events. However, if you have the same name as another team member (@daniel and @daniel.francis), or your name is a prefix of another team member’s name (@josh and @jgetega), then you need to provide your full name in your calendar events. We have added this colon to the expected format to separate the multi-word names from the “actions” (e.g. “off”, “available 4h”).

Please note that this change is backward-compatible, so at the moment you don’t need to change your existing events (unless you have been pinged above). Just remember to apply this to your new calendar events, so it’s easier to make a habit of adding the colon there.

Ticket to log time: BB-3566.



@Agrendalath I assume we don’t need to go through all past events to change them. Or does any tool use past calendar information?

@daniel, no, it’s only relevant for calculating vacations for the upcoming sprints.