Name Ideas for the Workflow Manager

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Hello @team!

We need a name for the checklist app (previously known as the Workflow Manager).

Development is in progress for the frontend infrastructure and an initial backend has been built. It’s a good time to get to work on the logo design. But first, we need a name…

Here’s a peek of the design so far, as well as a few name ideas to spark your creativity:

  • ListCraft
  • FlowCraft
  • OpenTask
  • Crafty Task
  • Listscape
  • Listee
  • Task Genie

I’d love to hear your name ideas too! Once we’ve collected a few, I’ll make a poll so we can vote on the final name (I haven’t checked domain availability for any of the name options yet).

Happy brainstorming! :brain: :cloud_with_lightning:


I quite like OpenTask! :slight_smile: Has a nice ring to it.


Listee and OpenTask would be my top 2 among the existing ones. Actually, I’d simply go for one of those two, as I can’t come up with better names!

The design prototypes look great btw :slight_smile:

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Beautiful design, I like the name OpenTask or TaskCraft ;)

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CraftyCraft… :slight_smile:

  • Tuesday
  • Forsprints
  • tCrisp (the center for reimagining sprint planning / the center for reimagining software processes). After this. Just kidding…
  • Steps
  • Hovercraft
  • Cycle
  • Processor
  • Through
  • Completions
  • Endofday

Notes: according to this the name must be one word, nice, short and not an abbreviation.

I think that fictional names could also be used (like what we use as cell names: Deathstar, …).
Or short non-English words (e.g. I’d call it Tra).


I like OpenTask too, or Taskee ;)

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OpenTask and Taskee sound great! :smiley:

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@daniel Thanks for adding some new ideas into the mix! Out of interest, what language is “Tra” and what does it mean?

If we want consistency with other projects (i.e., SprintCraft), both ListCraft and FlowCraft seem like they would be good choices. Between the two, I have a slight preference for FlowCraft :sunglasses:

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Same here. :tada:

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It means „through“ in Esperanto. The tool is to go through checklists and workflows. „Through“ or ThroughCraft/ThroughFlows/… could be a name, but the English orthography is painful. Other translations like Latin (trans, per), or via, don’t convey the same meanings of „through“.

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Hi @team

Please take a moment to vote for your favourite name for the Workflow Manager. :ballot_box:

  • OpenTask
  • FlowCraft
  • Taskee

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I’ve closed this poll because these names aren’t unique enough. I’m going to work on a new list and share it here when it’s ready.

I’m a little late on this thread, but if it’s not too late for a proposal - OpenFlow. Mainly because, imho, a good productivity tool doesn’t interrupt your workflow but enhances it. But from that name alone it’s not obvious what the app does.


The names in the poll are already used by similar software projects and services. How will we deal with that?

I don’t know if they’re all quite similar, but they’re probably close enough to cause a problem. I can confirm that all three are exist already. Damn. Maybe we need to get a little more out of the box with the name?

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Hmmm, it seems I put the cart before the horse here! Sorry everyone. Let me have another try with the names. This time I’ll be sure to check if there are similar names out there before posting a poll (I’ve closed the previous poll).

Watch this space.

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Hi @team

It’s me again with a new list of name ideas for the Workflow Manager! Please let me know if you like any of the names below, or if you have suggestions of your own.

  • IllumaList
  • Listaflow
  • ElencoList (elenco = Italian for “list”)
  • Wilderlist (kind of like “the wilderness”)
  • Top Banana Lists
  • Tekklisti / Tekklist (tékklisti = Icelandic for “checklist”)
  • Buildalist
  • Thinkalist
  • List Kahuna
  • GoodWorkflow
  • Refreshalist
  • Zerrenda (Basque for “list”)
  • List Amigo
  • List Aficionado
  • Listina
  • Workflow Daily
  • Daily Workflow
  • Activflows
  • Workbravo
  • OpenChecklista

This time I was more careful about checking whether the names were being used by other companies (you would not believe how many I had to cross off my list :upside_down_face: ), but I haven’t checked domain availability yet; I figured I could check that once we had shortened the list down to our favourites.

Looking forward to your ideas!


Hey there!

Now that’s a nice variety of names. My picks are below.

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Nice :) Here are my top 3:

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These sound more interesting than the last batch :) Here are my picks:

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