Name suggestions for our new Kubernetes Deployment Project

We are working to move our Open edX deployment to Kubernetes. The key project that will help us do that is Tutorraform. But unfortunately, we can’t use that name. As work in BB-4199 progresses, we are using Tutorraform to point that project everywhere. Thus we need to come up with a name ASAP.

Looking forward to having some great suggestions for this project.

Terraform + Kubernetes + GitLab CI/CD + Tutor + Open edX = Tutorraform

Not cute or pretty, but functional and short: openedx-c14n ( numeronym of “containerization”)


Open edX releases are named after trees. Googleena, can you give me some collective nouns for trees, please?

  1. openedx-grove: “a small group of trees, generally of an attractive nature.” (Tutorraform’s pretty, ain’t it?)
  2. openedx-forest: self-explanatory.
  3. openedx-holt: “a wooded hill.” (Sounds cool and speedy.)
  4. openedx-orchard: “an area of trees planted and managed for their crop of fruit or nuts.” (Fruits of knowledge, anyone?)
  5. openedx-roundel: “a small group of trees circular in shape.” (Containers are usually round. Or not. Yeah, don’t like this one much.)
  6. openedx-thicket: “a dense area of trees, often impenetrable to people.” (Love the honesty-slash-sarcasm, but probably too honest to market.)
  7. openedx-xylarium: “collection of woody specimens.” (Maybe if this was software for scientists.)
  8. openedx-bluff: “CANADIAN. a group of trees growing close together.” (Poetic justice, as @braden created the project.)
  9. openedx-clump: “a group of trees growing close together.” (Same thing, but non-canadian.)

Well. You get the idea.


Hehe I’m partial to thicket. What about copse, which is like a thicket, but managed by people for harvesting wood - cf. Coppicing. Dense group of trees and scrubs (containerisation) + trees are cut down and let to regrown (tearing down / building up individual containers) + carefully managed.


I like grove the most of all the tree-related words :)
Copse looks too much like “corpse” to me, and sounds like “Open edX cops” out loud (I think?).

Same here. +1 for grove.

Again, likewise. It’s the reason I didn’t put it in the original list - though I agree with @swalladge that the meaning would be very apt. :slight_smile:

Ah, and before I forget: is openedx-whatever even possible? Is that not also trademarked, or something? (To be clear, I like it - just not sure if we’ll be allowed to use it like that.)

PS: asked Ned.

:+1: Prettiest and shortest of the tree-analogies, and everyone knows what “grove” is.

Since Ned’s suggestion is not to use openedx- prefix. Only Grove is the best one so far.

Just to add couple more words-

  • Shepherd - Containers as Sheep!?
  • Captain - Who directs where the ship with container goes!?

from the ideas shared, I like captain better.

As this is going to be on top of tutor, I was thinking on something related, maybe something like teacher (a teacher takes several students, while a tutor is only for one student at a time).

At first I was also wanted to recommend something with our name in there, so maybe something like ocim-ci

What about pantropy?

Pantropy is a hypothetical process of space colonization in which rather than terraforming other planets or building space habitats suitable for human habitation, humans are modified (for example via genetic engineering) to be able to thrive in the existing environment.

Pretty much what we do with Open edX in this case — instead of shaping the “Terra”, we containerize the platform, so it can survive everywhere. :slight_smile:

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As mentioned here, this project is going to supersede OCIM, so I’m proposing a simple OCIM2 :)


I don’t know if this is going to be very functional but what about K8s + OpenEdx = KubEd :stuck_out_tongue: . Probably not cool enough.

I like KubEd a lot! Unfortunately, it kinda already exists kubed (kube D).

Thanks :slight_smile:

Damn! :see_no_evil: I should have known that a daemon would exist with the name. What if we do OpenEdx + K8s = EdKube, that’s not taken also I am inclining towards EduKube but that is taken.

+1, “Grove” sounds great. It’s short and simple, easy to remember, and evokes a nice relationship to the stable version names of Open edX.


Many good ideas here, but I’m also voting for Grove.




There’s also coppice, which is another word for copse, without looking like corpse or cops.

Hi @team, Thanks to everyone for awesome name suggestions. We need to pick up a name, so I’ve compiled a poll from suggested names. Let me know if I’ve missed anything.

  • c14n
  • Grove
  • Thicket
  • Orchard
  • Holt
  • Forest
  • Bluff
  • Copse
  • Captain
  • Pantropy
  • EdKube
  • OCIM2
  • Coppice

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Thanks to everyone for participating. We will be calling it Grove. :slight_smile:

I’ve scheduled BB-4531 to rebrand Tutorraform as Grove.