Need a replacement for Marketing Specialist role

Hi @team,

I’ve been OpenCraft’s de-facto marketing specialist for a couple of years now, but I’d now like to delegate this role to another team member. Marketing is not my specialty (and frankly, not a strong interest), and I’d like to focus more on my admin role, and shift my Core Contributor role towards other commitments. This role would be a good fit for someone who would be interested in either learning or applying skills for promoting OpenCraft, Open edX, and being more active in the community in general. I’ve been doing the bare minimum, but I think there’s an opportunity to improve marketing efforts for OpenCraft, with things such as being more involved in Community activities (presenting stuff we do, and helping with Community activities) and buffing up promotional materials on the website (testimonials, projects, case studies, etc.). It’s not a full-time role by any means; I think 3-5h per week on average would suffice, but there’s potentially room for more.

Here are the current recurring tasks that I handle, that are related to the marketing specialist role:

  • Attending the biweekly Community Marketing Working Group (they’re a great group!)
  • Publishing our monthly newsletter
  • Coordinating OpenCraft’s blog

I figure the person taking over would ideally need to be or become a Core Contributor (do we have some budget for this?). Also, it doesn’t need to be right now – the transition can be gradual, or happen later. Let me know!

Hopefully someone will be interested :slight_smile:

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Hi @gabriel

I’m quite interested in this! Lots for me to learn, but I’m quite keen :grinning: And I’d like to become more active in the community.

I think my only worry is presenting any technical aspects of what we build, but if you’re open to me taking on this role, we can chat about that.


@cassie nice! I’m glad you’re interested, and I think you’d be a great fit for the role :slight_smile: Perhaps we can wait until early next week to see if other team members want to volunteer, and if not we could probably schedule a 121 next week to discuss the details. Does that work for you?

Also, after giving this more thought, being a Core Contributor isn’t necessary to participate in the Marketing Working Group (although it’s very possible that at some point you would become a CC) – however, we’ll need @tikr or @antoviaque to confirm that we can afford ~5h per month (2h meeting + 3h work) on the Contributions account for your participation.


@cassie @gabriel This sounds like a wonderful idea, I’m sure you would be great at this! And I don’t think the technical side is a blocker - a lot of the time, it’s better to not get too technical anyway for marketing. The 5h/month sound good to me. :+1:


@gabriel Happy to set up a one on one for next week!


It looks like no else voluntered — so @cassie, if you’re still up for it, please schedule a call in my Calendly so we can discuss next steps : )


I discussed my transition with Sarina, and she pointed out that the Maintainers program, which is still in its pilot phase, would likely welcome my help as a project manager. Ed and Feanil introduced me to some of the items I could help with, and it looks like a nice challenge! Therefore, once transitioned off of the marketing role, I will invest a good portion of my CC time in helping the Maintainers program.


Fantastic! There’s such a wide variety of ways to contribute to Open edX, I’m so glad you found a place you’d rather work on @gabriel ! This really is a great project to be involved in.