New Blog Post Idea: Testing SSO on Open edX using Keycloak

Recently, I had to test the UX flows and capture some screens for SSO Login using a Third-Party Authentication Provider using SAML 2.0. While I have previously used a test instance from 0Auth or Okta, this time I setup Keycloak locally and configured it with the devstack to test things.

I hate to think that this information will go undocumented or will be forgotten by me in time.

@Fox Do you think it makes sense to put this out as a blog post in the form of a tutorial?

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@tecoholic Sounds like a good idea to me, but @cassie is the one who is handling our blog strategy at the moment, so I’d check with her.

@tecoholic While I love this idea, at this stage we don’t have budget for any new blog posts :frowning: We’ll probably start this up next quarter! Please keep the ideas coming! :star_struck:

Great! No worries.