New developer: Hadi Zolfaghari

Please welcome Hadi! He’ll be joining Serenity from London (you know, that one in the UK) this Monday, July 12th.

Here’s his onboarding epic for the curious.

Welcome, Hadi!


Welcome aboard Hadi! :wave: :wave:

Welcome to the team, Hadi! :slight_smile:

Welcome on board Hadi ! :partying_face:

Thanks everyone, excited to be working with you all! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey @hadi, welcom on board! :wave:

Welcome aboard @hadi! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @hadi, welcome to the team! :slight_smile:

Hey @hadi, welcome aboard the ship! Looking forward to working with you!

Unfortunately, @hadi informed me that although his experience with OpenCraft has been positive, he’d like to end his trial, because his goals aren’t aligned with the type of work available in OpenCraft.

Since @antoviaque is not available at the moment, who would handle the “last day” discussion and other formalities? cc @braden @gabriel @jvdm

Let us know please so that @hadi can schedule a call with you.

@nizar I’m Xavier’s backup for recruitment, so I’m happy to handle the “CEO” offboarding steps. I’ll set things in motion.

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That’s unfortunate. I was really impressed with Hadi’s work and was looking forward to his developer review! Wish you the best for your future plans @hadi :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh, that’s really unfortunate. I had the same thought as Pooja had.
Wishing the best for you @hadi !

Yup, really unfortunate. @hadi, it would be very valuable for us if you took some time to write a good-and-honest post describing what made you change your mind about staying. We’re in the middle of trying to improve company processes and make the company generally more attractive (and retentive :slight_smile:).

(This is not new, btw. We have a long tradition of asking departees to share their opinion. If well written, it usually leads to healthy introspective discussion.)

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All the best for your next endeavours, @hadi!

Thanks everyone! It’s been a pleasure working with you all.

I just wanted to give a (late) update regarding my decision not to stay since it was asked. I’ll preface by saying my decision was mostly based on my own priorities rather than a reflection of any major criticism I have with OpenCraft.

The work at OpenCraft entails a lot of things on top of development, such as management, communicating with clients, etc. And this is something I was both looking forward to and enjoyed so far. It’s a very welcome change to what I’m used to. However, I’ve given it some thought and I can’t be certain if I’ll remain as enthusiastic about it overtime.
On another note, I currently have other job offers available to me right now which I had previously declined in favor of OpenCraft. After some thought I’ve been feeling like it’s a safer bet for me to follow up on those. I want to avoid having to go through a job-hunting phase again if I decide I want to go back to simple full-time development in a year or two.

Even though it’s theoretically possible to keep non-development work to a minimum at OpenCraft if I ever decide to later on, I have feeling it’s not so easy to do so in practice. I may be wrong, but I’ve sensed a vibe that some people are spending a lot more time on “management” work than they would ideally like to. Possibly because they had taken on roles in the past which they would now rather pass on but find it hard to do so. Again, I’m not the best judge for this and I may be completely off-base here. But if it is the case, I could very easily see myself falling in the same category in the future.

Personally, I would love to take on new roles from time to time and the fact that OpenCraft allowed this was intriguing. But I think it would make me pretty sad if I don’t get a fair dose of purely “technical” work every now and then. I have a feeling such an attitude doesn’t work well with OpenCraft’s processes, as opposed to someone who can keep a constant balanced mix of technical and non-technical work.

Overall though, I’ve had a great experience here and I’m grateful for the opportunity. I hope I’ve managed to give something back in the little work I managed to get done.