New Developer: Johannes Degn

Hello everyone,

Let’s give a warm welcome to @joidegn. He’s joining Serenity as a Newcomer and will start this Monday. Welcome to the team, Johannes! :tada: :slight_smile:


Hey there @joidegn, welcome to the team! :slight_smile: :wave:

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Thank you! Great to be part of the team and I’m excited to start working with all of you!


Hey @joidegn, Good to see you here!

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Welcome aboard! :motor_boat:

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Glad to have you, @joidegn !

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Welcome @joidegn !

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Welcome @joidegn :wave:

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@joidegn Welcome to the team! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!

  • I am based in Colombo - Sri Lanka which is in the Indian timezone (GMT+05:30). Looking forward to learning surfing here once these COVID shenanigans are finally over.
  • In a past life I was a data scientist working for a large German utility company
  • More recently I was the technical cofounder of a startup in Kenya (which failed)
  • I am a father. I have a two year old son with a daughter on the way.

Here is my intro video: