New Developer: Navin Karkera

Hi everyone,

Bebop has a newcomer starting tomorrow (14th March 2022).

Onboarding epic:

Welcome to Opencraft!

Welcome to the team @navin !!

Welcome @navin! :wave: Nice to see you here

@navin Welcome to OpenCraft. :tada:

Thank you all for the warn welcome. Excited to work with OpenCraft.
Here is my introduction video.


Hi @navin Welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome @navin! Nice to see you here :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard @navin! :sailboat:

Welcome to the team @navin :slight_smile:

Happy to have you here, @navin!

Welcome aboard! :sailboat:

Welcome to the team, @navin :smiley:

Once again, thank you everyone. :grinning:

Hi @navin, welcome to the team :slight_smile:

Congratulation to Navin on becoming a core member :partying_face:


Congratulations, and welcome to the core team @navin :rocket: :smiley:

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Rock on, @navin!

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Congratulations @navin :rocket:

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Yayyy!! So glad you made it to the core team @navin. Congratulations !! :tada: :tada:

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So glad to have you on the core team @navin ! :champagne:

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