New Developer: Pedro Viana!

Hello everyone,

Let’s give a warm welcome to Pedro Viana, who started today and is joining Serenity as a newcomer!

Welcome to the team, Pedro! :tada:

Welcome @pedro !

Welcome to the team, @pedro!

Welcome aboard @pedro :+1:

Thank you everyone, I am very excited to be here!

I just recorded my introduction video, hope you enjoy it :D


Welcome @pedro :slight_smile: :wave:

MTG retired player here :raised_hands:

:) I consider myself retired too. I stoped long ago in Urza’s Saga. Sometime I still play with old friends, but latly I have been having more fun with this project than with playing :D

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I stopped during the Kamigawa block (~2004). I have also played some Gwent and Legend of Runeterra lately but I really can’t find enough time to be as much dedicated as I was when playing MTG competitively. :slight_smile:

That’s a really cool and deep project!

@pedro didn’t pass the trial review, so his last day will be in two weeks, on Oct 26th. Thank you for your work @pedro though!

Thanks @antoviaque and everyone else. I am glad I had the opportunity to learn form you and Opencraft, even if for a brief period. I hope you tackle all the hurdles that come with the asynchronous workflow and become a model for it. I still hope to learn a lot more from you :slight_smile:


Thank you @pedro and good luck with your next endeavours! :slight_smile: