New Developer: Sathis Kumar Dhandapani

Hi everyone, Bebop has a new member starting from the next sprint BB.297, 18th April 2023. His onboarding epic is Log in - OpenCraft

@sathis, Welcome to OpenCraft!


Kudos for passing your trial period, and welcome to the team, @sathis :slight_smile:

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Congrats, @sathis ! Glad to have you aboard :slight_smile:

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Congrats, @sathis! Looking forward to working with you :blush:

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Welcome aboard @sathis !! Hope you have a great time here at OpenCraft.

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Thank you everyone for the warm welcome and looking forward to have a great time at OpenCraft.


Welcome to the team @sathis! :slight_smile:

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Welcome @sathis. Hope you have a great time in OpenCraft.

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Hi @sathis - welcome to the team! I hope you like it here. And if you have blockers or comments, please don’t hesitate!

Welcome to the team!

Welcome @sathis ! Good to see you here!

Welcome aboard. :sailboat:

Welcome @sathis! :wave: :wave:

Welcome to the team, @sathis !