New Developer: Siddharth Gangadhar

Hi team,

Siddharth Gangadhar is joining us today as a newcomer in the Bebop cell.

His onboarding epic: Log in - OpenCraft

Welcome to the team Siddharth :slight_smile:

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Welcome Siddharth! :)

Welcome, Siddharth! :rocket:

Welcome to the team, Siddharth!

Welcome aboard Siddarth !! Hope you enjoy your time here at OpenCraft !

Hi @lordlabakdas, and welcome. :wave:

Good to have you aboard, @lordlabakdas !

Welcome @lordlabakdas!! :grin: :wave:

Welcome aboard @lordlabakdas !

Hey @lordlabakdas, welcome to the team! :slight_smile:

Welcome @lordlabakdas :wave:

Welcome aboard @lordlabakdas! :speedboat: :smiley:

Welcome @lordlabakdas :wave:

Welcome to the team @lordlabakdas!

Welcome Siddharth. I read your username and was laughing for some time as I understood the reference. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the team, @lordlabakdas :smiley:

Welcome to the team @lordlabakdas

@all Thanks a lot for your welcome :slight_smile:

Looking forward to collaborating with everyone

Wanted to write a bit about myself
I am primarily a backend development currently learning front end.
In the past, I have worked on communication networks using tools such as machine learning to better understand traffic patterns.
Apart from work, I enjoy playing sports, usually cricket and badminton.


Unfortunately @lordlabakdas didn’t pass the screening review and had moved on to other opportunities as of last week.

Good luck with your future endeavors @lordlabakdas!