New Developer: Steve Akinyemi

Hi everyone,

Please join me on welcoming Steve Akinyemi he is joining Falcon from September 21st :tada: :tada:

Thanks for the intro Raul!
Hello everyone! :wave:
I’m Stephen and it is nice to be part of this rockstar team! :star2:
I am looking forward to learning from everyone and contributing what I know. :bowing_man:

Welcome @appcypher ! Looking forward to working with you :smiley:

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Welcome aboard @appcypher :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the team @appcypher :slight_smile:

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Welcome, @appcypher! :wave:

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Welcome!, @appcypher :wave::grinning:

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Welcome, @appcypher !

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Hi OpenCrafters,

I’ve met a lot of nice people working with this team since I started last month. It is always nice to have a community that is welcoming to newcomers and ready to help them get on their feet. The engineering quality is also amazing and I learnt from working on the codebases.

Unfortunately though, I will be leaving this week or the next. I think I had the wrong expectations about the organisation and that has affected my productivity negatively recently so I made the decision to end my trial knowing the inevitable outcome of my current path.

I’m sorry for mentioning this at such short notice and I will be trying my best to make sure my exit does not affect the sprint.

Thanks for the experience and keep staying awesome!


You did a great job @appcypher and it was great to work with you. I really wish you the best for your next adventure. :slight_smile: :raised_hands:


So sorry to see you go @appcypher , your work was looking really good!

I’m interested to know what specifically changed your mind, if you’d like to share?

Wishing you the best for your future though, and hope to work with you again.

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At the request of some folks, I want to share some reasons why I am leaving. Again I’m going to mention that OpenCrafters are nice and helpful folks and that’s the kind of environment you want to be in.

There are two main concerns for me that makes me a bad fit for the organisation and vice versa.

The Time Logging Practice

I have never had a per-hourly rate job before, so when I signed the contract I had the wrong idea of what it would be like. I thought it would be easy to log at least 6 hours every day like a fulltime job. At the back of my mind, I knew it wouldn’t be that straightforward, so I read related topics on the forum to better prepare myself for it.

Even though I braced my mind for the possible issues this paradigm shift might have for me, I don’t think I was fully prepared for it. It is easy to get into a vicious cycle of demoralisation. If you are able to keep the momentum going, it can be great, but the moment you start logging less hours (for whatever reason it might be) your determination falters and you work less and your determination falters further and you work even less and so on. The cycle continues until you hardly have any determination left to work on your task.

The Versatility

I know being versatile is an expected attribute at OpenCraft and I think I’m a versatile person. Lately though, I have been reconsidering that versatility as I’m making changes to my career goals. I have not had to do a lot of context switches yet but I know it will become a common occurrence in the future.

Knowing this and because I want a more focused role, I decided to end my contract rather than delaying the inevitable and affecting the people I work with in the process.


Thank you for posting this detailed feedback @appcypher ! You’ve noted pain points that others have raised before, some of which we can do better, but some that are integral to the job – but it’s always better to have these things called out explicitly so we can see the tradeoffs.