New Developer: Yusuf

@yusuf has joined @bebop from this sprint as a new developer in the team. He is from Doha.

Welcome to the team @yusuf :tada:


Welcome aboard, @yusuf ! :tada:

Welcome to the team. @yusuf :rocket:

Welcome to the team @yusuf!! :wave: :call_me_hand:

Welcome aboard, @yusuf :smiley:

Glad to have you aboard @yusuf !

Hi everyone! Thank you all for the warm welcomes and excited to be part of the team! :rocket:

I uploaded a short intro about myself to give you some more info about me :smiley:


Welcome to the team @yusuf !! Hope you have a great time here.

Welcome to the team @yusuf

Welcome @yusuf! Looking forward to working with you.

Glad you’re joining us @yusuf :) Make yourself confortable ;p And don’t hesitate if there is anything you need.

Looking forward to discussing all things coffee with you, @yusuf :coffee:

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Great intro video! Looking forward to working together.

Hi @yusuf, welcome to the team! :ship:

Hey @yusuf, welcome here! :wave: