New developers: Bill & Arjun

I have just started the onboarding of two new team members, who will be joining Bebop:

Welcome to you two : )


Welcome to the team, Bill and Arjun!

Welcome!! :handshake:

Welcome :smiley:

Welcome to the team :slight_smile:

Welcome :blush:

Welcome! :wave:

Hi there, welcome to the team! :slight_smile:

Welcome @bill and Arjun :slight_smile:

Welcome @bill and Arjun! :slight_smile:

Hi everyone and happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for the warm welcome! :smile:

I just introduced myself in the Mattermost Offtopic channel to try and keep the forum clutter (and resulting email pings) minimal–feel free to come say hi! I can’t wait to meet you all and am super excited about starting at OC on Monday! :smile:


Welcome aboard @bill and Arjun! :rocket:

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Thanks for the warm welcome. I am really excited work with everyone.
Here is my introduction video:


Welcome @bill and @arjun! I just joined the team, too. Looking forward to working with you.

@arjun I also took up cooking during the lockdown! It turns out I REALLY like baking bread :grin:. Great stress reliever.

Welcome @arjun! Looking forward to working with you! Glad to know that you currently live in Bangalore - even I do :slight_smile:

Thanks @daniel.francis. Welcome to you as well. I am also interested in Blockchain stuff but haven’t got to exploring it yet. Maybe I can get some insights from you when I start with it.
I haven’t got to baking yet. I really like chopping and am learning the correct ways to cut/chop the ingredients :slight_smile:. I agree that it is a great stress reliever.

Thanks @guruprasad! Glad to know that you are also in Bangalore. Maybe we can meet sometime :slight_smile:. Looking forward to working with you!

Welcome, @arjun!