Open edX community event this Friday


Hello team!

This is just a heads-up that there’s an Open edX community event this Friday on Gather. I’m planning to go. Does anyone else want to tag along and help represent OpenCraft? It’s short notice, and we know folks have been busy, so don’t feel bad if you can’t go. But if you’d like and have the ability, let me know and we’ll coordinate a bit. :slight_smile:


I’m in :slight_smile:
A client ticket was pushed out of the sprint and I have some free time.

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Can I let you know by Thursday? I am volunteering for Pycon India, this weekend so I think I might be able to make sometime :slight_smile:

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Cool. I think both of you will be available Thursday morning my time so I’ll ping you then. I’d also advise registering here: Open edX Community Event Tickets, Fri, Sep 17, 2021 at 9:00 AM | Eventbrite

That way they can have a better idea of who’s coming and whatnot.