Open edX Con 2024

Hi all,

I just received an email announcing that the 2024 Open edX Conference will be taking place July 2-5 at Stellenbosch University, near Cape Town in South Africa. I figured we should start a thread to prepare for details and logistics.

I will admit I’m surprised (read: disappointed) by the dates chosen – a lot of folks who usually attend the conference work in education, and will be on vacation during that period. Same goes for some of us. I suppose Axim have their reasons!


Just as an FYI, we rely on universities to gift us time to run the conference. Please don’t get mad at anyone at Axim for the timing. :slight_smile:

Also note that proposals submitted by 12/13 will get a round of feedback from me and Feanil, and an opportunity to re-submit. Open edX Conference - 2024: Call for Proposals @


Yeah I would prefer different dates, but that’s OK. I’m really excited that it’s in South Africa!

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I’m happy to be headed to South Africa too! Will be a first time for me.

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closing this thread in favor of 2024 Open edX Conference & Coworking - July 1st-12th - #4 by gabriel

@gabriel Ups, sorry, I hadn’t read your thread before creating mine!

@antoviaque yours is better ;)