Open edX public cookiecutters (aka. templates)

Hi everyone,

This might be a common knowledge, but I thought I’d share it anyway, since there were many instances where I wasn’t sure how to setup a new repo for a new IDA, django app, etc, and I couldn’t find an answer to that.

While reviewing a ticket which was creating a new repo, I went on a quick detour, and discovered that Open edX maintain a public repo of cookiecutters for new repos - link to the repo. Hope this helps anyone who faces the same question in the future :slight_smile:


Huh! I had no idea that existed! Thanks for the tip, @maxim :smile:

Wow, we obviously need to improve the visibility of that; it comes up in practically every edX/2U conversation that involves creating a repository, so I guess we were blind to what happens when someone outside 2U creates one. Where would be the best place(s) to point to it that others would actually stumble across when starting to think about creating a repository?

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Hi @jmbowman :smile:

It’s my fault for not keeping up with OEPs and all the documentation targeted at developers. Because when I search the docs site for “cookiecutters”, I find many mentions of this repo.

But maybe a how-to guide for “How to add a new repo to Open edX”? That could point to the cookiecutters, and also explain the requirements and process for gaining admission into the openedx github org.


TLDR: imho, “cookiecutter” might not be the first term that comes to mind when searching for the templates repo.

I think for me the biggest issue was that googling “openedx repo template” (or something similar) doesn’t bring up any relevant result, nor searching on GitHub using similar terms. I do know what cookiecutters means, but I’ve only heard it being used a handful of times. The only other place I remember this term being used in tech is the cookiecutter cli tool, which does pretty much the same thing, but not edX specific. So it might be just me, but it wouldn’t occur to me to use “cookiecutter” term to find this repo :slight_smile:

Right, part of the problem is that “template” is so overloaded in the Open edX context: Mako templates, Django templates, email templates, etc. And most of the Open edX repo templates are in fact based on the cookiecutter CLI tool. But it’s a fair point that we should probably at least add the word “template” in the repo description, etc. to improve searchability.

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There’s also Cookiecutter Open edX · GitHub now (via Slack), which

… is a community maintained project for jumpstarting and managing production-ready Tutor and Kubernetes based installations of the Open edX™️ online learning management system running on AWS cloud infrastructure that is built and managed with fully parameterized Terraform and Github Actions automation scripts.

I.e., it doesn’t replace GitHub - openedx/edx-cookiecutters: Open edx public templates for apps, libraries and services.

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