Open edX Social Chats (for UTC+ folx!)

FYI this is a blatant cross-post from 25 May 0700 UTC: AMEA Meetup! - Events - Open edX discussions but I wanted everyone to see it! Hope to see some of you there.

:wave: Hi everyone! I loved the chance to get to meet people at the conference, especially those in other timezones that can’t make it to regularly scheduled Working Group meetings. Thus, I am hosting an AMEA (Africa, Middle East, Asia/Australia) meetup at 0700 UTC on 25 May to get another opportunity to meet up with everyone.

:calendar: Google calendar Invite!

:computer: Zoom link

:notebook: Agenda

A simple agenda! For the first 20 minutes we’ll be social and answer some silly questions, such as, “what is your most useless talent?” (personally, I find infinite uses for the exactly ten bricks I own)

For the remainder of the time, I would like to know:

  • Do you feel part of the Open edX community? Why or why not?
  • How could I (or in general, people at tCRIL / people in American & Western European time zones) help integrate all our world-wide Open edX members?

I’d love to see many of you there! If this is a hit I’d also be interested in meeting up on a periodic basis.

:bowing_woman: Thanks

Thanks to @jill for the inspiration and for helping co-host the event (probably a bit more awake than I’ll be :grinning: )


Hi @sarina

And just as you organise a new time slot for group meetings, I move to the other side of the world! :upside_down_face:

I’m in Panama for six months which means I’d need to join at 2am… I’m not sure I’m capable of this! I see you’re in a similar situation, but you’re obviously stronger than I am!

When I’m back in South Africa, I’ll join in.

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ahhh hahaha!

yes it’s 3am for me :upside_down_face: but I am super happy to mess up my sleep for a night to meet more people. I usually attend the Contributor’s Meetup on Tuesdays - you could join that to see some community faces! I’m also always happy to have 1-1s for any topic you’d like to chat about :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Thanks Sarina! I hadn’t realised I could make the Tuesday meetings now. I’ll join them once and a while to see some friendly faces. :sunflower:

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