Open edX virtual event - Dec 14th 2021

Hi team,

There will be a virtual “conference” (i.e. Open edX virtual event) happening on Dec 14th, 2021, 2pm-5pm UTC. I’m posting it here in case some of us are interested in attending. Here’s the program:

  • Keynote: “State Of Open edX” about the creation of the new nonprofit, and the way forward for edX/2U following the acquisition.
  • Regis Behmo: “Hack It, Build It, Ship It, Sell it (with Tutor)”
  • Abstract Technology: “Promote vocational training for young people through online learning: an EU-funded project based on the Open edX® platform”
  • Graspway: “Data and AI applied to eLearning”
  • edly: “Rethinking learner engagement and learner experience with Open edX”

Anyone interested in attending? How many of us can/should go?

ticket to log time here and for attending


@gabriel I’m interested in attending, certainly!

I’ll be attending too :slight_smile:

For these events, I think we can make it free for everyone to attend – this should probably go on the “contribution” account, which is managed by the cells, so it can be a decision at each cell level on how many/who would attend?


That works, yep :+1: (and I’ve updated the account on the current ticket)

I want to attend this as well :slight_smile:

Count me in as well :slight_smile: