OpenCraft Core Contributors: Joining the Open edX Code of Conduct Committee?

@sarina has proposed the creation of a new Open edX Code of Conduct Committee, and we’ve been asked to nominate someone from OpenCraft for it.

Anyone interested? It would have to come from one of OpenCraft’s existing core contributors and included in the core contributions budget.

Here’s the commitment:

  • Initial 3 months: Around 1 hour/month for meetings, and 2-4 hours/month for policy writing and review.
  • After that: Less than a few hours a year to handle incident responses.

If you’re interested or have any questions, respond to this thread. @sarina can answer questions if there are some :slight_smile:

Sure, I’d be happy to join this group.


@jill Sounds good! I’ll let @sarina know :)

Thanks @jill !

I’ll be in touch mid-August; eduNEXT and RaccoonGang has asked for a bit of time to find an appropriate representative.

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