OpenCraft in Boston

Hi @antoviaque @braden @jill @Fox @Agrendalath @Ali

Around mid-April I’d like to put together a blog post on our Boston and Bogotá adventures. I need a volunteer to put together a few paragraphs of your Conference experience (see example from last year). I don’t have too much time to allocate (30 mins - 1 hour if possible). Any takers? :slight_smile:

Time can be logged here.


@cassie I’d be happy to put something together for this. I’ll schedule it in for next week. It might still make sense to ask the others who attended the conference to share their photos though because I don’t have many good ones.

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@Ali Thank you!

@antoviaque @jill @braden @Agrendalath @Fox Please add any photos you took, and are happy to share here :slight_smile:

@cassie I haven’t taken much pictures - just one actually, of a very meditative crowd on one of the slides at the plenary :)

I’m not sure that’s going to be much use for the newsletter, but you can also find lots of pictures in the photocircle of the conference: Open edX Conference 2023 - you might just need to ask their authors for the license and/or permission to reuse in the newsletter :)

Hahaha! Great pic of our meditative team :rofl: @antoviaque

Thanks for this info: Open edX Conference 2023

I don’t usually take pictures of people… so I’ve got nothing share-worthy from the conference either, I’m sorry!

Have one from our attempted hike yesterday though, so will share that.