OpenCraft Lilac.2 branches are now available

Hello all!

The opencraft-release/lilac.2 branch is now available, and it includes changes were applied to our common Koa branches but aren’t available on Lilac.

Note, that from now on, anything that gets merged should be applied to the Lilac branch as well.

Lessons learnt from preparing the release branch
I took up this ticket as a firefighter, after quite a lot of work had already been put into preparing the release branch, so was expecting this to be a straightforward task with minor conflicts here and there. Unfortunately, this was not the case, and it took much longer than expected.

Part of the reason for this was that there were a lot of bulk quality upgraded and other small refactors between Koa and Lilac which made conflicts need more time to understand and resolve.

I have a suggestion to make this easier in the future. We can create a new opencraft-release/* branch as soon as the corresponding upstream release is available, and each PR should target all our active release branches. i.e. if you’re merging a PR against lilac, and maple is also available, please also target maple, merge the PR there. It seems like it’s increasing work, and it is, but it’s a lot easier for the creator of the PR than someone with no context on the PR doing this in the future.

In the above scenario, the work involved in creating a release branch would then be to cherry-pick changes that happened before the new branch was available.


Additionally, we can squash all commits before merging such PRs, and include supplementary information in commit messages. Like:

  • NOTE: this patch won't be upstreamed.
  • NOTE: search for <commit_hash> in the edx/edx-platform.
  • NOTE: wasn't merged at the time of cherry-picking. See <PR_URL>.

This can simplify finding all patches to port.

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