OpenCraft Palm.1 branch is now available

The PR for the palm.1 release has just merged, and the opencraft-release/palm.1 is now available as a target to merge any new pull requests.

If you’re making a new PR please make sure to include it in this branch otherwise it will not get deployed when instances are upgraded.

Note that the Olive release has been essentially skipped, so there are no opencraft-release/olive.x branches.

The latest release of tutor for Palm (v16) introduces a new mounts subcommand so you no longer need to keep passing in the mount parameter. Instead, you can mount edx-platform with tutor mounts add <path>. Likewise for any MFEs.

To work on XBlocks you can follow the instruction here, however those are only valid if you’re not using a custom edx-platform mount. If you have a custom version of edx-platform mounted, add the XBlock and the private.txt file inside the requirements folder in your local edx-platform fork, not in the tutor directory as suggested in the guide.