OpenCraft Quarterly Newsletter

Hi @team :star2:

@gabriel has graciously handed his role as Marketing Specialist to me :blush: I’ve been working on a Marketing Discovery for the last while, and we’ve made the decision to allocate some of the monthly newsletter hours to other marketing efforts. In light of this, we’re only going to send out newsletters every quarter, starting with this month (March 2023).

I’d love the newsletter to include some really cool, worthwhile content, that showcases how amazing our team is! So please let me know if you’re working on anything interesting at the moment, or would like to share anything in particular with our clients, and the community? Shoot any ideas my way!

I’ll obviously be dedicating a bit of space to the Open edX conference this month. I’d like to promote our speakers in particular - so @antoviaque @jill @braden could you send me a pic of yourself? I’ve found your talk descriptions on Sessionize (Xavier, Jill, Braden)

(let me know if I’ve missed anyone who may be presenting)

Looking forward to your ideas!


Nice idea! : ) Thanks for taking over this role @cassie , looks like you’re going to do wonders with it.

For my picture, does the one from 2023 Open edX Conference work? It’s getting a bit outdated now that my hair has grown a bit, but I should still be recognizable ;p

Thanks @cassie ! My profile on sessionize is a bit brief… But I did an interview recently with LabXchange that could provide more interesting fodder? STEM Career Spotlight: Jillian Vogel, Senior Open Source Developer & DevOps – LabXchange


@braden I’ll also use your image on Sessionize. But could you send me a bulkier “about you” (similar in length to Xavier’s, if possible). I’m creating a blog post that dives into the details of each speaker, along with brief overviews of each talk :slight_smile:

@cassie You can use either of these: or

Thanks Braden :slight_smile: Do you have a longer bio somewhere (similar in length to Xavier’s, if possible)?

@cassie Sure, something like this:

Braden MacDonald is the CTO of OpenCraft, a Core Contributor to the Open edX project, and an active full stack developer. Braden has led the development of several major features of the Open edX platform, as well as many projects in the broader community ecosystem. He is the official maintainer of projects like Blockstore and Tutor’s ARM64 plugin, as well as several open source projects outside of Open edX. When he’s not coding, Braden enjoys answering questions on the community forums.


Hi @team :balloon:

It’s time for our quarterly newsletter :slight_smile: and I need your help…

  1. Do you have any particular projects, or Open edX news you’d like me to share with our clients and the community?
  2. As you know I do a little segment on a team member (see Xavier’s below) - so I’m looking for nominations!

I nominate @braden :slight_smile: he’s a very important member of the community, and our CTO :tada:


I thought of Braden too - so I second this :slight_smile: Done!

@braden I’ll get in touch with you directly to discuss a little bio :star2:

@antoviaque @gabriel

I’m currently ramping up work on the OpenCraft website and I can use every single hour I can get. So I’d like to find out if you feel strongly about me sending out a newsletter this quarter, or if you’d be happy if I can save budget for the website? There is so much we need to do and I’ve been saving hours specifically for this. See new epic I created to manage tasks that are associated with my 15hr / mo budget.

Based on the work put in for the new Listaflow marketing site, the hours I have for the OpenCraft website will prove tight.

I feel if we conquer the task of getting the new website up and running this year, I can use the marketing budget next year to be more content driven (content strategy).

Let me know your thoughts?

To refresh your memories: Marketing Discovery 2023

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Hey @cassie! IMHO we should prioritize the website rebuild, but I’ll let Xavier chime in as well. Focusing on content for 2024 once the website is over sounds like a good idea to me.

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@cassie Yes, that works for me too :+1: Thank you for figuring out a path to get the website done :slight_smile: