OpenCraft WordPress site has a new plugin CodeMirror Blocks

Hello everyone :)

Now we have a new plugin for the OpenCraft WordPress site. We are going to use the CodeMirror Block plugin from now on to render any code snippet in our blog post to avoid having people copy code with the wrong characters, which was causing a lot of terminal commands run by users to fail. This also brings better syntax highlighting for the code snippets. You can check this blog post code snippets to see the plugin in action.

CodeMirror Blocks comes with the option of a theme and a panel. The theme which we are using is the Elegant theme, you can refer to the screenshot to check the theme.

Elegant Theme Elegant Theme

There is a Panel option that we have disabled for now which is a bar on the code snippets with an option of Copy button, Full-Screen button, you can refer to the screenshot to see the panel.

Panel Image Panel image

Please feel to share your thought about the theme and to display the panel or not. For logging time, you can use SE-4320



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