Opening up the forum


As discussed in the 2021 outlook document, we will be looking at pushing the “open first” principle further in the coming months. One of the steps to be more open and transparent is to hold more of our discussions in public.

We use this forum a lot, and many of the conversations we have here don’t need to be private to the team - so the idea is to partially make it public. I have duplicated each category from the forum into two: one private, and one public. From now on, we would default to post in the public categories, unless there is a strong reason not to post it publicly.

To start somewhere, I’ve done a quick pass on some of the recent topics, and move a few to the public categories. Fear not though, nothing is actually public yet! So far the registrations and content of the forum are still closed, to give us time to review and discuss as necessary. I’ll only make the public sections really public in two weeks, once we agree on the threads that should be public.

I have been very conservative with the threads I’ve moved so far, as I realize that many were written without the assumption they might become public one day. So the difference between the ones still kept internal and the ones I’ve move to the public categories isn’t meant to be the line - we can push the openness much further. Specifically, when posting in threads that are still private now, consider continuing it in a new follow-up thread in the public categories.

To help with criterias, the main reasons that are valid to keep a thread private are:

  • Inclusion of confidential details about a client. We can still talk about client projects in the public categories, but should focus on the public part of the project (PRs, etc.), or use a codename for the client.
  • Personal details that we aren’t comfortable sharing publicly - like an address, an illness, etc. We still want to keep a safe space where we can talk freely. (Though it’s also fine to share those publicly if you are ok with it!)

Don’t hesitate if you have questions. And in the coming weeks/months, we can comment on individual threads to help figuring out where the line is exactly.

Ah – and welcome to the OpenCraft forum, people from the world. :slight_smile:

[ Ticket to log time reviewing public threads & commenting here ]


Hey @antoviaque,

This is an amazing initiative so Kudos for that. I did go through the posts and the public posts looks good to me. :slight_smile:

I am happy we are making contact with the world. :smile:



Hi, search engines! Please index our posts! :slight_smile:


I like the initiative of making more things public, especially when it comes to technical stuff and info about the company and details about how we work.

I went through the threads in the “public” sections and they look fine to me, with this one maybe being an edge case, since it could be considered somewhat personal:

I was surprised to see that public as well. I’m personally OK with it in this case, I wouldn’t have moved it to public myself but am not opposed to it being moved there.

I can imagine future situations where I’d like a post like this to be in the private section of the forum though.

@kshitij @mtyaka Thanks for reviewing it, and for the feedback about this thread. I had also hesitated with it, since it contained some elements that could be considered personal. But there didn’t seem to be anything that could be embarrassing at a personal level, it was more of a work decision, and I knew you would have a chance to review it before it actually became public – although I should probably have pinged you explicitly to make sure. It would be fine to switch it to a private thread if you would prefer it, although I’m glad if you’re happy to keep it public. :+1:

Quick reminder that I will be opening the public forums tomorrow - so if you haven’t yet had a chance to review the threads that are going to become public, now is the time. :slight_smile:


This is done! :) :partying_face:

Registrations are now allowed, and the logged-out forum home is now: