Looking to take a break from Epic Planning

I’ve been thinking of doing this for a while, and thinking of the best way to do this, and it seems the best way to do it is to just do it.

I’ve been getting a bit overwhelmed with the amount of planning and coordination across my epics and my epic planning role and would love to take some scoped time off from Epic Planning.

I used to like this role but of late the balance of management and planning work has begun to overshadow development. I constantly feel like I am missing something, (I often am) or lagging somwhere (likewise, I often am). I don’t want to burn out on this, so I’m starting this preparation now.

What I’m looking for here, is someone in @bebop who is interested in taking this role from me temporarily, and also taking up a secondary role to me generally (in case of vacations). That said, I’d rather whoever takes this thinks of it as long term, assignment. I don’t know how long I’d want this scoped time off to be, but it will be at least a few sprints (a month or two) and if the new assignee fits better, there is no reason to switch back.

Whoever volunteers here can take a few sprints to adjust, while they slowly build up context for the role. This will not be a sudden transfer (in either direction).


@kshitij You meant to link to https://handbook.opencraft.com/en/latest/roles/#cell-manager-epic-planning right? You’re not talking about epic ownership but overall epic planning for the cell?

@braden Yes, I used the incorrect link, I’ve updated it for now.

@kshitij It’s great that you recognized this early - thanks for acting on it then, it’s a lot nicer to transfer things proactively. Btw, if anyone else would rather change role(s) you have had for a while, don’t hesitate - a great way to preserve interest is by learning new things and changing duties from time to time, so some swapping can be interesting. There will also be the cell splits opening a few additional roles.

I know I probably don’t have the appropriate permissions yet, but I am willing to shadow you and learn how things are planned and then take up the responsibility if it’s possible. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late reply @farhaan!
I think this is definitely something we can discuss. It can only be undertaken by a core member, so you’d need to fulfil that requirement first. However, there is no huge rush here and the knowledge transfer will also take some time.

Meanwhile, if anyone else is interested feel free to post here, although I fear I’ve gotten all the responses I will here.

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@farhaan Can you create a task in your next sprint for this? We can have a 121 and kick this off.

@kshitij sure I can create a ticket in stretched goals and reserve sometime for our 121

@kshitij @farhaan How are things going with the change of role?

We had a call last week and I am trying to understand epic planning, I have been trying to be a good backup for @kshitij right now, I tried completing epic planning checklist this week. While I am trying to do epic planning I get a lot of doubts and @kshitij have been clarifying my doubts. So I guess overall it’s going fine :slight_smile:

kshitij can shed more light on this. :slight_smile:

We’ve had a meeting where I gave an overview, and for this sprint I asked Farhaan to take full charge and reach out to me in case of issues. I think we can continue this for the next sprint, and then it can be transitioned fully to him while I take a back seat.

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@farhaan @kshitij Good to hear! :slight_smile:

One of the steps should be to update the cells page on the handbook - to maybe at least include your two names during the transition, so @farhaan can start receiving pings meant for the epic planning manager.

Btw, in https://tasks.opencraft.com/browse/BB-3598 I have assigned all the epic planning management time / work to you @kshitij - if you are already that advanced in the transition, it might be worth shifting some of that time to @farhaan - I’ll let you figure it out though :slight_smile:

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@antoviaque @farhaan Including two names was a bit more complex than I thought, since it required changing some code. I’ve now submitted a PR that generically allows adding multiple people to a role and makes us both Epic Managers:

@farhaan Can you review the above and approve it?

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LGTM approved :slight_smile: