Permissions on the Google Drive shared folder?

I notice that the permissions on the shared folder have been reset or restricted? Does anyone know why?

I think this happened another time recently - which if I remember correctly @tikr you had to fix? There might be someone doing something at times that causes this involuntarily maybe?

Yes I had to fix this for not too long ago (conversation).

I often tinker with folder permissions (since I handle a lot of financial documents), and seeing that permissions have been restricted to only me and Xavier, I suspect I might have done this by mistake somehow. So, I went ahead and restored permissions to the shared folder for all team members. Drive has changed the way permissions are managed – it now asks if you want to restrict the Parent folder of a file, and my interpretation was that it would restrict only one folder up, not all the way to the global shared folder. Sorry if I was responsible for doing this, I’ll be more careful in the future.