Poll: Listaflow Logo

Hi @team

Listaflow has been live and logoless for a long time. It’s time to give the app some love with a lovable Listaflow logo!

Below are three different options for the logo design. Please let me know what you think and respond to the poll below. Your feedback — positive or negative — will bring us closer to a logo that the whole team is happy with.

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

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Thanks to @cassie for her review and suggestions over the last week! :slightly_smiling_face:


All three options look great, amazing work as always @cassie @Ali :smiley: Excited to finally see a logo / visual identity for Listaflow!


These all look great, it’s hard to choose :D


Amazing work! :heart:


These are all gorgeous @Ali and @cassie !

If I had to pick one, I’d choose Option 1, because I like the “w” here best, and the noodle glyph in the lower right left… I’ve got a thing for irregular-looking images that fit together when you tile them!


Beautiful! Agree with Jill on Option 1.

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Beautiful work! It was hard to pick between the options!

I liked the 3rd logo and the 1st background. :sweat_smile:

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Thank you, everybody. Glad you like the designs!

Like @jill and @DouglasDraper, my favourite is Option 1.

@jill Haha, this is strangely specific :joy: but I know exactly what you mean!



@Ali I’m so excited to see these!

I’m partial to 2 and 3-- I like the symmetry of 2 over the asymmetry of 1, and I like how the example in 3 evokes the concept of a list of tasks soon to be enumerated by incorporating a colon, while also looking like an ‘l’ and an ‘f’.

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It looks like we have a winner! :trophy:

With 41% of the votes, Option 2 will be the new Listaflow logo:


@cassie A discerning eye, please :eyes:.

Now that a logo design has been chosen, we need to perfect it before it can be added to the app. We also need to save the favicon.

The “W’s” of the below options vary, and I need your help to determine which is best (I think I’m leaning towards option 3, but I’m unsure. Please help me decide!)

Option 1: the original design from the poll
Option 2: the swashes (I think that’s what they’re called) of the W match the terminals of the L’s
Option 3: a combination of option 1 and 2

FYI: @Fox


@Ali Option 1 and 3 both look good to me. The cool thing about option 1 is that it looks like it could tile perfectly forever just on its own. 3 looks like it would too, though I think it would be just slightly narrower on every other peak if you actually did tile it. 2 Looks like it would create a much wider arc if you attempted to tile it.

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@Ali My eye was immediately drawn to Option 3. I like how the swashes on the “w” feel more refined.

I’m sure we can make whichever one we choose work as a pattern, if we need to apply this kind of thing anywhere.


I love all, but may 1 and 3 feel better.

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Thanks everyone for the feedback!

I agree. Option 3 looks more finished as the “w” better flows with the rest of the word.

So here’s how Option 3 actually tiles:


But I don’t think anyone would ever notice if we used Option 3 for the logo, but the “w” from Option 1 for tiling (if we ever even end up using the tiling!)

@Fox I’ll save the logo and favicon for you today and add the files to the GitLab issue.


Hey, we might! Seems like a good illustration about ‘getting the team on the same wavelength’ for marketing :)

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Haha, that’s true! :wavy_dash:

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